I was looking at the AT&T Tilt and had a few questions.

1. What's the fastest SD card that it supports? According to
wikipedia.org, they go up to 133x (20mbps):


2. According to wikipedia.org, there are four different models of the
HTC TyTN II (AT&T Tilt). KAIS100, KAIS110, KAIS120, and KAIS130. The
KAIS130 is T-Mobile only and the KAIS100 doesn't include the 3MP
camera, whereas the AT&T Tilt does.

This means that it's either the KAIS110 or the KAIS120 (which is the
same thing as the KAIS110 except that it also includes a "front VGA
videocall camera")

3. I don't see anything about it having a speaker phone on either
att.com or on wikipedia.org. Does it have one?

4. Some of the blackberry's have flash built into them... I assume
the Tilt does not?

5. Can the Tilt record movies? The iPhone has a camera that can take
still pictures but that cannot record movies, so I'm wondering if the
Tilt is any different.


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