My travel wall charger for my cell phone broke on a trip not too long
ago and I didn't feel like getting another cheap one off eBay. So I
did some research and hacked together a common USB data transfer wire
and a spare 12v car charger cable for my Sony Ericcson.

Now I don't have to wrestle the OEM wall charger out from behind my
desk every time I go out of town. I just take this little wire and can
use any computer or my laptop to charge the phone.

I took pictures of the process and put together a quick guide if any
of you want to try it. Be sure to check the specs of your phone first
so you don't fry it.

Here's the guide -

P.S. A multimeter really helps and gives you peace of mind when you
first plug everything together.
Paul Michaels
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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