Oxygen Software Company is proud to inform you about the new generation of
Oxygen Forensic Suite - Oxygen Forensic Suite 2
(http://www.oxygen-forensic.com) is just released!

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2:
a.. Goes beyond standard logical forensic analysis and uses advanced
proprietary communication protocol allowing to extract much more information
than other logical forensic tools.
b.. Supports Nokia cell phones as well as smartphones.
c.. Supports Sony Ericsson cell phones as well as smartphones.
d.. Supports Symbian OS smartphones by Motorola, Samsung, Siemens,
Vodafone, BenQ and other manufacturers.
e.. Supports smartphones, communicators, PDAs and other devices based on
Windows Mobile 5/6 (without using ActiveSync!).
f.. Supports cable, Bluetooth and InfraRed connection.
g.. Extracts contacts list, caller groups, speed dials and custom field
h.. Extracts SMS messages from standard and custom folders.
i.. Extracts calendar events.
j.. Extracts file system from phone memory as well as from flash card.
k.. Extracts events log: incoming/outgoing/missing calls, sent and
received messages, GPRS and WiFi sessions.
l.. Reads deleted messages from Symbian OS smartphones.
m.. Extracts Nokia Life Blog data - all main phone events (camera
snapshots, videos, sent and received messages, calendar events etc) with
their geographical coordinates (LAC and Cell ID).
n.. Contains powerful built-in search engine that helps to find the
specified data in all or selected phones.
o.. Contains unique contact activity smart search feature. By entering
e.g. part of contact name or phone number you can quickly find all the
activity relating to this contact - phonebook entries, calls, messages,
e-mails, meetings and so on.
p.. Contains easy and fast data filtering engine.
q.. Generates and prints reports in PDF, RTF and XLS formats.

Best regards, Oxygen Software.
Oxygen Forensic Suite 2 - Premium Mobile Examination.


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