[email protected] wrote:
> Can I make my own ringtone on my computer?
> I have a .wav file I want to use on my phone.

Most phones today are able to use .mp3 files as ringtones. There is free
software to make an .mp3 from your .wav file. I suggest lame:


Some phones can also play .wav directly, but those files take up a lot
of space, so usually mp3 is the way to go.

If your .wav file is a full music track, you may want to cut off the
intro to make it better usable as a ringtone. That can be done with


Both lame and audacity are free software.

> Then the next question is this: If I make a ringtone, or download one
> to my computer, how can I put it on my phone? I do not have a
> internet type phone.

That depends on your phone. Some phones have a slot for a memory card
that you can use as a transfer medium, some phones can attach to a PC
via USB as a mass storage device, and some phones require special
software. It would be easier to make recommendations if you told us what
phone you have.


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