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    I'd like to replace some gadgets with a single multi-function cell

    The features most important to me (in descending order of importance):
    #1 Open Software or SDK available (The app store is the only reason I
    would get an iphone)
    #2: MP3/Divx/XVid Playback
    #3: WLAN
    #4: GPS
    #5: QWERTY Keypad
    #6: Camera / Video Recorder
    #7: SD Card
    #8: FM Radio Receiver
    #9: Built-In Speakers / Mic
    #10: BlueTooth
    #11: FM Transmitter
    #12: Accelerometer
    #13a: TV Out or
    #13b. Projector
    #14: TV In
    #15: Business Card Scanner

    I'm thinking things will get interesting in the next year or so due to
    Android and OpenMoko. And if OpenMoko ever upgrades their ARM, then
    Android running on OpenMoko!

    No phone has all the features, but here's my top 10:
    HTC Android
    LG KC910
    Samsung i550 / i8510
    Nokia N96
    HTC Touch / S740
    Flip Blackberry
    LG Prada II

    Anyone know of other feature packed cell phones?

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    Re: Best Cell phone Features

    what feature cell phone do you want? you can visit
    , there are many cell phones and with variety feature,you can have a

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