I wonder if a GPS equipped phone is able to navigate without GPRS, i.e.
with no internet or not?
I think once you have the maps, using the GPS you do not need
connecting to the GPRS.
Is this correct?
In particular, I am in Dubai and I am considering to purchase Sony
W760. I am not subscribed to a data service (GPRS) and I do not want to
pay for such services. (Wasel prepaid)
Can I use W760 as a navigator lifetime for free?
Is it possible to download maps, etc. by a PC and then transfer to the
Does it have enough memory to have all the maps offline?
What about Nokina N95?
A guy at Carrefour was telling me only HTC has real navigator phones
without a need to pay extra subscription charges.
Any experience?

Deshawn Esmund

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