Hey all

my website has just been launched, although not fully complete it has
the latest news from the mobile phone world.

I am however looking for some people who wouldn't mind writing a few
articles for my site about phones obv.

I'm not paying nothing but hey, you can put your own affiliate links in
and get those sales! - the world is your oyster.

My website is a joomla site which is very simple and easy to use, much
like wordpress. You can either use a word editor or if you're feeling
particularly confident the HTML option is open to you.

If possible I would like HONEST and GOOD criticisms on improvenments,
things you dislike, find bad not constructive, anything @ all!!

please take a look at my site: www.peakperformancephonetrading.com

The site hasnt been up for very long/i havnt had much time to do it but
@ least i already have a google pagerank...of 1 lol

Cheers guys


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