Palestinians killed, 2100 wounded in the Gaza holocaust

A number of houses destroyed in the targeting of Dr. Rayyan's house

GAZA, (PIC)-- On the sixth day of the Gaza holocaust, the number of
Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation airforce has reached 420
and the number of wounded has reached 2100, 300 of them in serious
The worst carnage on Thursday was the targeting of the house of Dr.
Nizar al-Rayyan, a prominent Hamas leader, in which he and 15 members
of his family were killed. Dr. Rayyan's house as well as many houses
in the vicinity were destroyed.
The houses of two other Hamas activists were also targeted by the
Israeli occupation airforce, as well as the training grounds of the
Qassam Brigades, no casualties were reported.
Israeli occupation air strikes on Thursday targeted areas close to the
border from Beit Hanoun to the north, to Hay al-Tuffah and Jabalya to
the north east of the Strip, paving the way for a possible ground
Dr. Basem Naim, the Health Minister said that the death toll is
expected to rise because there are more than 300 serious cases, adding
that it is expected that many people are still buried under the
He said there are severe shortages of medicines and materials
essential for treating the wounded.
He added that hospital stores ran out completely of 105 types of
medicines, 225 types of medical consumables and 93 types of laboratory
He also said that 50% of ambulances are not working because of the
lack of spare parts and stressed the dire need for electricity
generators, all because of the oppressive siege that preceded the
start of the holocaust.
He appealed to Egypt to allow medical teams waiting to enter the Gaza
Strip to pass through the Rafah border crossing.

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