George wrote:
> Traveling Man wrote:
>> On Tue, 13 Jan 2009 19:07:10 -0700, Todd Allcock wrote:
>>> That article Larry linked was interesting- it seems that New York
>>> decided that everyone in New York with a website that has an
>>> affiliate/referral deal with Amazon gave Amazon presence in NY, and
>>> required Amazon to collect NY sales tax. (Which they've been doing,
>>> while simultaneously suing the State of New York over this.) It also
>>> said cancelled all affiliate deals with New Yorkers as
>>> a result to avoid the same fate.
>>> Annoying of NY, perhaps, but very clever... ;-)

>> The New York polititions never stop:
>> `

> I don't see a problem with everyone being required to pay sales tax.
> That is the fair way to do it.
> If you have a problem with paying taxes or the amount that is collected
> the way to deal with that is to go to the poll and fire whatever
> politician(s) is/are responsible.

Lots of luck! Getting rid of a politician generally requires more
effort than simply going to the polls and voting against him. Unless a
majority of the voters vote for his opponent, you are stuck with him!
This will usually require a great deal of effort on your part and on the
part of others. Having a good deal of money to hire help, and pay for
advertising also helps.

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