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    Im New 2 Amp'd Mobile *Pay-As-You-Go* & I Was Wondering Does Amp'd Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Have Free Nights Or Weekends? Cuz I Had A Pre-paid Verizon And I Had Free Nights But Not Weekends.. & 1 More Question...How Many Minutes Does A $20 Pay-As-You-Go CARD Give You...& If There'z Anything Else I Should Know Bout Amp'd Mobile Pay-As-You-Go Then Feel Free To Let Me Know...Thanx PPL

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    Re: Free Nights Or Weekends?

    Nights and / or weekends arent free

    You would get 200 minutes on a $20 cards (10 cents per minute)

    And u have to buy a new card every 60 days

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    Re: Free Nights Or Weekends?

    right now ampd only has a free nights at 7pm with no weekend days with it for $7. However i was told with in the next few days of June 6, 2007 Ampd will offet for $15 free nights and weekends at 9pm-7:00am. The only difference is that with this plan you get free days on saturday and sunday all day were as the $7 plan you only get sat and sun free at 7:00pm - 7:00am. We will see if this is true.

    also ampd is in bankruptcy court files june 1 2007

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