Just bought an Amp'd Razr and am very pleased so far. Activated quickly with no problem. Added minutes easily. They transfered my Verizon wireless number in 10 hours! That is the good stuff, now the annoyances.

I have a TracFone also. It shows the expiry date & the minutes on the screen. I can find Amp'd minutes remaining on Amp'd; My Stuff; Reload. I think it costs me a few cents to check but OK.

Now how do I find the expiry date of the minutes? I called Amp'd CS and she said it is not available, I have to call CS!!

It took a few minutes to get it clear that the minutes don't expire for 60 days from the last purchase vs my "anniversary date" which is the day after I bought the phone. The CS rep said I have to keep track of my 60 days. This is crazy. Is this true? Do they get paid based on the number of calls to CS?

One other problem is I cannot login my account. I used my email as an account name and a password that started with a number. I got a confirmation back from activations with this info. The CS said I could not use my email and the password has to start with a letter. She escalated and they will fix in 5-7 days. You'd think the web site would prevent these errors!

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