I was really excited to get my RAZR phones from AMPD for Christmas. Well, when one didn't get here til January 6th, I refused delivery on it which I was told to do by the AMPD Representative. I was assured I would not incur any charges for that phone. Well, it's now the middle of April and though the phone I refused delivery on has finally been removed from my account, the fees for that phone in the amount of $190 have yet to be refunded or credited to my account. To make things worse, I called earlier in the week when I received a nasty text message saying my service was about to be interrupted if I didn't make a payment. SOOOO, I called and made a payment for exactly the amount I was told to pay and WHAT!? my service was canceled today. Now, I have been calling AMPD since January and have been very patient with them. I always have to wait on line for over an hour, listening to thug music all the while. Seems their routine is to send their customers from one department to another and to never really solve the problem. I mean, it's been four months, I've spent over $500, and I have no cell phone service right now. I advise anyone interested in buying a cell phone to go with a company who has a good reputation. A few extra dollars a month for quality customer service would be well worth it. Plus when you add up all the small fees for nights and weeknds and handset protection insurance, etc. the monthly bill comes out to be about the same as Verizon or other reputable comanies. I'd start a boycott of AMPD if I knew where to begin. The patient man always gets nowhere I guess.

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