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    My issus

    Circuitcity & Ampd "have that $100 rebate" let tell you is NOT worth it why well for one "in my case if they are tell the truth or not" that circuitcity should "inform" me about that i will not get a rebate "that that the rebate company told ampd"

    2.if you use the "ampd phone or the browser" if you go to there and visit ampd website and visit there "so call" music section is VERY limited but i heard that the sound quality is crap-o-la and also there is also with your browser from you computer account is a "prepaid" but what happen i told the reps that i dont want my CC to be store on to my account because is was at 11pm at night and i need this phone for a jobs "big mistake" i end up giving my number and the "ampd reps" assure me they will NOT NOT NOT store it but moving on a month latter and when is was my time to "refil" and go the processure and without entering any number i top up for $20 and i was like WTF and i realized "if i was hit in the face with a 9 iron club that they lied about "deleting my CC account" so i call 6 difference

    4 reps - flat out lied to say we delete it but never did

    1 reps - told me it will be deleted in 72hrs and she was a suspervisor "more lied "

    and the last one well "i'm shock" 100% of nothing and offer no soultion and have a hard time "grapsing the serious ness" and i hang up to try again and as i dial back and got another reps guess what i got this same "brainless idiot"

    4.the long wait for CS and sometime they will disconnect you

    5.never tell you that there computer is down or for upgrade and promises to call you back but never do

    the soultion

    if you go to "labbb-the los angles bbb website"

    and you see how ampd rate and it will shock you and my best advice if CS cannot help "file a compliant and they will answer it why they want to make sure about there "idiot and liar" call center are not at fault and also to keep the customer happy

    but as for me

    for problem 1th
    they have credit my accout "of the rebate amount" for $100

    for problem 2th
    they have delete it and

    and everthing else is in ampd corner

    overal i'm somewhat satified but not fully

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    Re: my issus and solution with ampd "so-call service"

    They have not given me that $100 rebate either, but I'm scared to give them another credit card to credit it to. They have charged my credit card with a total of $940 of unauthorized charges. We had to get our bank envolved to go after them before we saw ANY response.

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    Re: my issus and solution with ampd "so-call service"

    Did you see the new rating that ampd off the los angles BBB gave them is

    an A "my jaws have now hits the floor" is when from an misserable F to an A

    OMFG !

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