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    I've been wanting to get a cell phone for quite some time, but I never did because the plans are ridiculous. I don't want/need to pay 50 dollars a month, when 500 minutes could easily last me 3-4 months. Compare $600 dollars a year to $150-$200.

    Anyway, this AMP'd mobile pay-as-you-go plan seriously seems too good to be true. $50 dollars for 500 minutes, and they last until you use them all up? Are there truly NO monthly bills, no hidden charges, no extra fees?

    I heard you end up getting charged $30 dollars a month, even under the pay-as-you-go plan... I don't wanna believe it, but at the same time I can't believe that this plan can be true. Do you honestly just pay 50 dollars for 500 minutes, and NOTHING else until your minutes are used up?

    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Question about AMP'd pay-as-you-go

    No, the minutes expire in 60 days unless you purchase more minutes in that time. Also its up to you to remember to re-up your minutes. No help from Ampd on this part. That said though there are no other hidden charges and at $10 a month its a good deal. Ive been happy with my prepaid service but remember customer support is horrible.

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    Re: Question about AMP'd pay-as-you-go

    actually if you go to Amp'd Mobile | Home Page they have a hybrid plan which offers conract like features and a set amount of minutes without the contract and its month by month prepaid.

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