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    Hi there.. I'm going to be a future Amp'd mobile customer and I was wondering with phone has mp3 player playback through the speaker phone. Since I want to wear it around work when we close :b I know that the Moto Q is capable of this but I don't want to play $60 a month for an already outdated smart phone despite how neat it is. Also I'm looking for a pre-paid service so... my options are the Razr, Hollywood, and the Jet. I don't like Razrs since they're HORRIBLE phones (Slow processing, keys get pressed easily and I'm sent to load a menu I didn't want) Unless Amp'd uses the updated Razrs and not the V3 model... But I'm mostly looking into the Jet or Hollywood and I'd also like to know which phone of the two process the fastest.

    Sorry for the confusing paragraph but basically I'd like to know: Which phones have mp3 speaker playback, and which out of the phones is the fastest at gaming and applications.

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    Also if anyone knows if the Razr contians the model GoForce® 4800 chipset for the GPU I think I'll have to get that as my purchase since the V3xx models drastically improve over the previous models (I have the first one and it's extremely slow) Which I think these are the models Amp'd carries since the cameras are 1.3 Mp

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