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    Can someone who has gone through this please let us know whether Amp'd will port a prepaid cell number (I'm Alltel) to a new Amp'd phone?

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    Re: Port Prepaid Number to Amp'd?

    I am a new Amp'd user. I ported from Verizon wireless to Amp'd on Saturday March 31. It took 10 hours.

    It appears that the folks you reach for porting are a different group than regular customer service (CS). We had a 20 minute or so wait but the lady was in America and was very helpful. This is contrast to my other CS experience.

    I use the prepay minutes which for me is a great deal. I buy my minutes on eBay at a small discount with no sales tax. The big worry is there is no way to tell when your minutes expire. YOU have to keep track of the 60 days.

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