I bought an Amp'd mobile phone for my daughter for Christmas '06 for $100 with the promise of a $100 rebate to essentially make the phone free. After a tough and lengthy activation process, the phone seemed fine for about a week before it logged out for Amp'd to do some updating. This 'update' took 3 weeks. During this time the phone could not be used. After it was finally updated, it finally worked for another 2 weeks before they shut down for another 3 week 'update'. Once back up again, I used my bank card for a one time purchase of more minutes. Since that first purchase, Amp'd has been freely and without authorization charging my account for more minutes for random amounts at random times. Running up bills of more than $100 per month and sometimes weekly. When I contacted Amp'd about these unauthorized charges, I was transfered to various representatives, put on hold for lengthy periods always for the same reponse of "We will take care of it and will call you back". They never did. Or, they would give me another number to call which was always disconnected or the number would be another company. Amp'd has since charged me for a total of $940 since Jan. '07. These charges have given me numerous bank overdrafts as I did not expect to these unauthorized charges. I had to cancel my bank account in order to get these charges stopped. What a mess! STAY AWAY FROM AMP'D MOBILE.

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