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    The feature store has been restored. If you had a nameglow or italic name, this has carried over to CPF. Name color has not. Most features that were on MIDIBuddy are also available here. Some aren't.

    The Pay per attachment feature has also been put into place. I made this decision because there are just way too many people signing up just to download ringtones. This is killing bandwidth!

    I will be putting in a new feature soon that will give new members a signup bonus good for one file download. I think this is a good trade off.

    See More: Feature Store & Pay for Attachments

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    Re: Feature Store & Pay for Attachments

    Best good news.
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    Re: Feature Store & Pay for Attachments

    * Integrates directly into Outlook for easy access
    * Runs automatically in the background or catch up quick with manual mode
    * Monitors multiple folders for incoming email attachments at the same time
    * Replaces attachments with URL links to the saved file for easy access
    * Retains the paperclip icon, but removes the attachment
    * Automatically removes the URL when replying or forwarding the email
    * Asks you if you want to delete the attachment if deleting an email
    * New! Multi-folder Undo feature reverses out all changes and puts attachments back in place
    * Allows for automatic renaming or overwriting of files
    * New! Execute a program on the attachment after removing it from the email
    * Saves the attachments in a Windows sub-folder (mimics the Outlook folder structure)
    * New! Accepts UNC paths as well as networked mapped drives
    * Works with Microsoft® Exchange, but doesn't require it
    * Eases maintenance with a function to update previously written URLs with a new URL
    * New! Optionally saves the email as well - in 5 different formats
    * Works with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2000
    * Coded to avoid the Outlook security prompts for hassle free operation

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