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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    What about moving all the phone icons to the avatar section and allow people to have the choice of whether or not they want to have their phone displayed? If people are filling out their profile the way that they should when they sign up, the link to the phone is already there, along with the same info that you get after clicking on the phone icon anyway.
    The only problem with that is many people, like yourself, have their own custom avatars. So they would choose that custom avatar over just a basic phone photo. I love the phone icon idea because it makes helping someone out easier. A lot of newbies will post problems, but they don't list what phone that they have. So then you have to check their profile and hope they included what phone they are using. Plus if your thinking about getting a new phone; you will see the phone icon on someones account and then you can ask them personally what they think of the phone.
    I don't know; I like knowing others are using the phone I have. It makes me feel like we are all part of the same family. Does that make any sense?

    See More: Phone Database (beta)

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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    I may not be understanding the point of the phone database. It seems that all I get when I "search" is the ability to view available phones by manufacturer or by provider. One can already do that by going directly to the manufacturer's or service provider's web sites. It would be more valuable to search on functions that one wants or doesn't want in a phone. For instance, I would really like to find a phone that has a good battery life, good reception, good audio quality, SMS service, a full addressbook or contact list, and a calendar. A camera is not necessary, and I do not want an MP3 player or internet service. Is there a way to find information such as that on the cell phone forum? Additionally I have been looking for a phone that I can reconcile with a contact list and calendar on my computer. I found some software that helps with that but it does not reconcile the calendar from ALL phones - only specific ones. (see www(dot)datapilot(dot)com )

    Any suggestions on searching for this information?

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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    sounds pretty cool

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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    So where can I post my phone's database?

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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    Hi tavenger5,
    I was searching for this on net. Lucky that I found it in this thread.
    Thanks for updating.

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    Re: Phone Database (beta)

    Text automatically translated from: French to: English
    ca seems to be perfect

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