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    We've seen an influx in spam recently and have taken action. New spam prevention features have been added to the site.

    • The first checks against a database of known spammers and disallows them to post.
    • Second filters on specified keywords
    • Third is a good old IP ban.

    All three are being used in this case.

    There are other spam prevention features on the site that catch users before they even register (like CAPTCHA and time checks on filling out registration forms). In some cases, like this, humans are registering then bots are doing the actual posting. This is why the messages all appear to be the same.

    We will be keeping an extra eye out for spam.

    See More: Recent Spam

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    Re: Recent Spam

    Thanks John, much needed, of course with the help of our members reporting spam/advertisements we managed to get rid of most of them.

    (oOO\ (||||)(||||) /OOo)

    Any mis*****ings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
    they are placed there for the enjoyment of those who like to point them out.

    Super /\/\oderator

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    Re: Recent Spam

    thx, mr. admin guy... even though i just joined, i see spam everywhere

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