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    Apple says that it is 5 years inhead of the market, but it lacks 3G and Bluetooth. What do you think?

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    Re: Is the iPhone all that great?

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiihead
    Apple says that it is 5 years inhead of the market, but it lacks 3G and Bluetooth. What do you think?
    I think Apple is doing a great job on marketing and advertising. I don't think that Apple is reinventing the wheel here. I think most "phone" people know that PocketPC phones and Smartphones and others are readily available in all shapes in sizes with comparible features to the iPhone. I also think that because of the way the iPhone has been marketed, Apple's good track record and powerful brand, it will be popular (soldout immediately) and there will be many many people who are introduced to a multi-function phone for the first time.
    With all that said... I can't wait to check one out.

    Check out this Q & A regarding the iPhone. Article courtesy of Pogue's Post

    iPhone Q&A
    Can it be used with anything but Cingular? –No.
    Is it an “unlocked” phone, so I can use it with a carrier other than Cingular? –No.
    Will there be a non-Cingular version? –Not within the first two years.
    Can I put my T-Mobile SIM card in it instead of Cingular? –No.
    But what if I keep asking? Then will it be available beyond Cingular? –No.
    Can it run Mac OS X programs? –No.
    Can I add new programs to it? –No. Apple wants to control the look and feel and behavior of every aspect of the phone.
    Does it run programs from Palm, Symbian, Windows? –No.
    Does it connect to iChat? –No.
    Does it have games? –No.
    Is it ambidextrous? –No.
    Does it have GPS? –No.
    Voice recognition? Voice dialing? Voice memos? –No, although this could change by June when the phone ships.
    Does it get onto the HSDPA (3G) high-speed Internet network that Cingular has rolled out in a few cities? –No. But Steve Jobs said a later version of the iPhone will — once there’s enough HSDPA coverage in this country to justify it.
    Does the Web browser support Flash or Java? –No.
    Will it play music over Bluetooth? –Unknown.
    Can you change the battery yourself? –No. You’ll have to send the phone in to Apple for battery replacement, just as with the iPods.
    Can it open Word and Excel documents? –No. (Steve Jobs says it can open PDF files, though.)
    Can you use it one-handed? –Yes, for some functions. But overall, it’s less convenient than on a phone with physical keys.
    Can I make a call while driving a car? –Not as easily as on a regular cellphone with programmed speed-dial keys. (Besides–MUST you?)
    Does the camera record video? –Not yet. Apple may add this feature by June.
    Does it connect to standard iPod accessories like car docks and speaker systems? –Yes!
    Does it work overseas? –Yes. It’s a quad-band GSM phone, meaning you can use it in almost any country (for an added fee, of course).
    Is there a Verizon version? –NO!!!!
    Will they make a non-cellphone version–a widescreen touch iPod? –Nobody knows. Apple doesn’t leak product info until it’s good and ready.
    That scrolling through lists thing is glitzy, but what if I have 3,000 names in my address book? –There’s also an alphabet “index tab” down the right side of the screen, so you can jump to another spot in the list.
    Is there a calendar? –Yes.
    Will it sync with Outlook? –No.
    What about airplane use? –It has a airplane mode (wireless off), just like any cellphone.
    Won’t the screen get smudgy? –It does, but you don’t see it except when the screen is off. The one I played with was pretty streaky, but wiping it on my sleeve cleaned it completely.
    Who on earth would buy this thing? –Obviously not people who ask this question. But that’s OK–there’s no requirement that everyone buy the iPhone. More for the rest of us!

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    Re: Is the iPhone all that great?

    It's cool because it's something that will be
    A. Hype
    B. Hype
    C. Apple made it

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    Re: Is the iPhone all that great?

    I just dont get what so great about this phone. Whats the #1 thing that is so incredible? Someone please say how this mobile makes life a little easier to live

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