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    Aha!That's the problem!

    I think that with all the things that the iPhone can do (and perhaps technology that will be already built into the phone but not used until later) the phone is priced well. Even just the technology that the iPhone is using makes it worth the money when Apple's production, research and development costs are factored in: they've done a good job pricing it accordingly (and they're praying to sell millions so that they can recoup their costs and then make a profit - 4g and 8's).

    It's a cellphone, MP3 player, camera and a smart phone so adding them all up separately would cost alot more. Plus, being that it is a Mac product smacks of high quality and probably not one to be released with a ton of bugs.

    On the whole, can't deny that it is one very cool device.
    So,IMO,I think it's worthy in despite of it's little higher price.

    See More: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anempodist View Post
    Hey ya`ll.I really like the iPhone and want to purchase it.However all I could find is the locked to AT&T version.Does anyone know where I can find unlocked one online?

    Hey I found one but its not released yet.There is only pre-order available.
    If you`re interested visit this web site mobilebee.com

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    Will you be able to find a company to support the data stream needs of an unlocked iPhone? I'd be nervous myself.

    The phone is out of my reach for sure but it certainly SEEMS well worth the money.

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    Now you can buy iphone for 399$. And it's a 8Gb model, that's so cheap. If I had known that before, I would have bought 8Gb Iphone, instead on my Nokia N73.

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    I still think they're expensive but I'm a 'bargain' shopper kind of person. Actually, I'm getting a free one... yep, free! A friend of mine just got hers and I even held it in my very own hands.

    If you're interested, you can get one by clicking here. You have to complete one offer (mine cost $5 but the free trials are, well, 'free' and then you refer 8 people and they send you a free phone). I promise I'm not spamming either... I'm just trying to help! I'm pretty much the queen of free stuff - ha

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    Thanks so much,

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    i haf heard that the internet browsing expereince is really exceptional on iPhone...making it the perfect choice at such price

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    I didn't pay full price ($399) for my iPhone I paid somewhat less. I have to say, even though the iPhone is very nice and does pretty much everything you can think of, I would not pay full price for it. It lacks several key functions (on the phone part) that even $50 phones can do.

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    Yes it is...but it is worth it. I got mine the first weekend they were released. I love it. The photo quality is great. iTunes is great. Maps are great. My only problem, web is slow.

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    Re: iPhone Price - Too Expensive?

    It's rates are on the higher side,but worth it.I also acquired it and found it very convenient to use.

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