Google has just become the latest Web site to create an iPhone-specific portal, the third major iPhone initiative for the search Giant. It is also the default search engine on Apple's smartphone (Yahoo! is an option as well) and delivered Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) access to Gmail not too long ago for iPhone
The next time you try to go to from an iPhone, instead of the standard Google desktop portal, which you had been getting, you'll be directed to a new iPhone-specific Google user interface (see top image).

This iPhone-optimized Web page is, interestingly, quite different than the one Google delivers to other types smartphones. It's got that iPhone look and feel. As you can see from the pictures in this article, the Google iPhone portal sports a user interface quite similar to other iPhone-optimized Web sites and applications.

In addition to the good old Google search box, the Google iPhone site offers direct access to Gmail, Calendar, Reader and More. When you click on this last link, the portal leads you to direct access to some additional Google services, including Docs, SMS, GOOG-411, News, Photos, Blogger and Notebook.
Google recommends you bookmark this page (see below) separately from the main iPhone Google page so you can gain faster access to these services.

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