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    Huy guys, what would be some crazy things that apple might come up with (they already went too far with the iPhone).
    I'm thinking something like a iPhone, except it looks like the chocolate, and it runs Leopard, it has a touchscreen, indestructible, flame-resistant, and it has a iPod wheel. Just anything that you think Apple would go to far with. Any ideas?

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    Re: Crazy iPhone Ideas

    hi there,
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    I really want it can help you.

    Good luck,

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    Crazy iPhone Ideas

    Hey, I have an idea about the iPhone.

    Right now the iPhone is a device that you carry around and put in your pocket. I imagine something new and possibly trendy. It would have a new appeal and be more like a watch. It would be solid, but slippery steel against your skin. You slide it around, and on the outside was the glassy iPhone screen. It would have a built-in microphone to talk into as well as speakers and a camera. It would still have apps, the drop-down menu, and the gravitational effect on the screen when you turn the device. There would be a home button, and it would show the time in Digital (or optional analog, or 24:00 clock). It could be spun around to get to different areas of the device, and could possibly use two (or more) different areas at the same time. (Example: Someone could be in a video chat, and send the other person a picture message, or listen to a song, or for some reason send them a chat/text message at the same time.)

    Possible names: Wrist Blade, Iron Wrist, Sonic Watch, iWatch

    I hope to hear some sort of response about this idea on here, and for an estimate of the cost to make this device. I will try to make a visual model of possible ideas. Also, I will try to make a diagram of how to make it, but I don't know about electricity or the "touch-pad" surfaces so the model will be very basic.

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