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    Detailed evaluation about Music and videofor IPod touch

    IPod touchis a music player of epoch-making significance . IPhone for its gorgeous interface, and powerful features .However,all are reflect on iPod touch. IPod touch on the unique way to break the manipulation MP3 tradition, all brilliant all right. IPod touch embody Apple's industry-leading technology and great attainments, refined simplicity of shape and powerful features that give the industry a competing iPod touch copying rivals.

    iPod touch support AAC, MP3, WAV, Apple Lossless, AIFF, Audible audio formats. Users can use iPod touch, as in the special acoustic reading of the play speed, volume limit functions. Users can definite personal smart
    playlists, at the same time can also creat classified information according to artister, album, song, and other information. The classification is based on the English alphabet from A to Z, in the finger sliding at the same time, the screen will appear on the alphabetical index, so users can quickly find the information
    you want.

    IPod touch music player interface

    Its unique Cover Flow features can display multi-album cover, as long as a finger gently sliding on the next page album can be achieved. Click to play your album cover, we can smoothly enter the music player.

    IPod touch function of the Cover Flow

    Video: iPod touch support MOV, MP4 and H264 format video show, broadcast standards up to 640 × 480 pixels,

    30 frames per second, a rate of 2.5 Mbps video clips. The iPhone screen resolution of 320 x 480, the original 640*480or 320*240 video can not meet the new iPhone screen, but users can click on the icon to adapt automatically to a full-screen playback. Otherwise,Another player in the process of suspension, and then introduced video playback, the next broadcast of the segment will continue to be the time in the last place

    to continue to suspend players, after tested , even if more than half the show to withdraw iPod touch will remember the location of their players to continue to watch the next, the design concept is very good.

    Refer to video convert Guide: Video conversion: guide of converting video.

    As a result of the touch panel design, iPod touch players in the music and video manipulation is very convenient. Double-click on the screen as long as the players can show the progress that users can slip through the fingers of the player set at the progress.

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