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    Hi, I am heading to the States tomorrow and I will be buying an iPhone at the first Apple Shop I spot. Any advices on what should I say or should not say? I mean.. should I say I'm Canadian? And for the warranty, will it work even if I'm using the iPhone in Canada?

    Any advice on what unlock system should I try? I dunno if I should do it myself or have it done..thanks.

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    Re: Buying an iPhone tomorrow

    I don't think you need to say anything about where live .. why does Apple care?

    Use ZiPhone or iPlus for unlocking, both are great.

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    Re: Buying an iPhone tomorrow

    I've had an iPhone for eight months (I live in Canada). They don't mind if you say you're canadian. And for unlocking, use Ziphone (google it), it's great! It voids your warranty, but before sending it in, all you have to do is restore the firmware (in Ziphone), and they won't know

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