When it comes to menial, time-wasting games on the iPhone, Tap Tap Revolution tops our list. TTR is all about tapping the screen in sync with a particular beat - think Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers.
The newest screen-tapping time-waster to hit the iPhone is PocketGuitar. With simulated, on-screen guitar frets and a strum “board,” PocketGuitar brings the faux-rockster as close to a real guitar-experience as you can get on the iPhone. Wannabe guitar-rockers will have a blast with this game. Real musicians will just be disgusted.
Come to think of it, seeing as how addictive Guitar Hero has proven to be, we’re going to give this PocketGuitar application a “highly addictive” rating.
You can find PocketGuitar in your Installer.app application list - as soon as you add the PodMap application repository to your “Source” list. We’ve gone over this before, but if you’re still a little fuzzy as to how to go about adding a repository to your “Source” list,

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