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    This is an e-mail that was sent to AT&T employees listing the problems that they were having and the "workarounds" You would think that a billion dollar company would have it together at launch for something like this, especially the second time around. Who would have thought that if every rep at every AT&T store were all doing upgrades at the same exact time that their web based POS system might bog down and crash or how about attempting to ring out an iPhone before the customers come into the store to make sure that they are in fact in the system to even sale.
    Anyway enough of my ranting. Check out the pic of the email the powers that be sent out this morning.

    AT&T Workaround E-Mail

    See More: E-Mail from AT&T Showing Problems at iPhone Launch

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    Re: E-Mail from AT&T Showing Problems at iPhone Launch

    hmmm interesting

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