Iphone 3G has taken the mobile industry by a storm. Thanks to the pre-launching hype that Apple orchestrated and voila, people in the United States started lining up to get their Iphone units.

Even in the Philippines, everyone went agog on the Iphone but when news came out that Globe intends to sell it at a whooping P40,000, the Iphone craze died a natural death. Of course those who can afford it are keenly glued on the internet for its release, but for mere mortals like us, the Iphone 3G has become a part of our Christmas wish list that hopefully Santa would be kind enough to reward us with.

Until a flicker of hope seethed in --- Auction.ph IHOOPLA EVENT where a 3G IPHONE is the coveted prize. And joining is so easy. Just sign up and submit your bid and if your lucky streak is on your side, then you might just get it at a most unbelievably low price.

Am keeping my fingers crossed on this one. In fact, am trying to earn more entries. The more entries I submit, the bigger chances I have of winning!

See if I get it, I wont bother Santa this Christmas anymore!

Check out the site of auction.ph to try your luck! Thanks!

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