I have brand New Iphone 3G 8g. i had my iphone was working with Tmobile wireless service, i bought unlock sim to work with T-mobile. It was working fine, when i try to download song, pic's and etc.. On Itune 8.0 i was getting message your "Iphone is not recgonize sim, please Enter diffrent sim card" than i found online i took my sim card out from Iphone and than i plug in to Laptop and i was abale to download pic and song etc... but after that i was trying to insert T-mobile sim card with trbosim card, i was getting Error message saying Simcard Failure and on top left screen was saying "NO SERVICE" i had try many times but i received same message, and i took sim card out of iphone and pluge back to laptop and i did "Factory Restore Iphone" after i done factory Restore, Iphone turn one auto and i lost all information in Iphone and i try to insert T-mobile sim with turbo didnt do anything, ON FRONT SCREEN IT WAS SAYING SIM CARD IS NOT INSTALLTION PLEASE INSERT SIM WITHOUG PIN OR PIN NUMBER I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW PLEASE HELP>

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