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    Entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands. Many would-be iPhone 3G unlockers are waiting impatiently for an easy software solution that's been in the works since release day. Meet Vietnam's Tuan Anh Do, who has a team of some 30 technicians tearing iPhones and iPhone 3Gs apart to remove the baseband chips, reprogram them, and solder them back into place at a charge of about $80. The end result is a carrier-unlocked device. Some Vietnamese who desperately want an iPhone could perceive this as a reasonable price but there's the risk of re-locking, which 2.2 conveniently does. And that's where Do charges another $50 to unlock re-locked handsets.

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    Re: iPhone 3G Unlocking

    The iphone tool called yellowsn0w developed by the dev team does this already

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    Re: iPhone 3G Unlocking

    Well it looks like Do has got himself a very nice lucrative business with repeat customers! lol

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