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    It looks like Apple may have closed one too many holes in the iPhone's firmware this time. In an attempt to discourage intrepid iPhone unlockers, it seems like the top guys in Cupertino accidentally relocked some legitimately unlocked phones. In the Apple's support forums, there were users that reported having mixed results, with some users no worse for the wear and others only able to make emergency calls. So if you've got an unlocked iPhone, it may be wise for you to resist the urge to hit that update button until this situation gets sorted out.

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    Re: iPhone 2.2 OS relocks unlocked phones

    I think it's good that they found a way to relock the phones.
    Before, there was no harm with it, but now that there is the app store, people are downloading these apps that require money, for free!

    Thats stealing, and most definitely won't help the developers!

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