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    You probably know that your iPhone 3G's is going to be locked when you get it, but there are some carriers that will be more than happy to unlock your iPhone 3Gs if you had bought your phone through them. Apple has provided a handy guide to some of the carriers around the world, where the phone you buy can be used on any carrier you choose. If you choose to have an unlocked iPhone 3G, you will have to pay more.

    via: About activating iPhone 3G with a wireless carrier

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    Re: Apple and the locked iPhone 3G

    I just got my phone unlocked at Dr Cell Phone. do a google search and you'll find them. they only charged $50! i was surprised! i was scared to do anything else because I didn't want to mess up the phone (it was a gift for my daughter!). She loves it just in case you're wondering!

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