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    Ok. so the iPhone 3G is by far the most sought after phone in the US at the moment. But, then again, not everyone really has that kind of money to put out on a $500.00 phone with recurring monthly payments. Thus, many people just forget about it and go with other phones.

    However, recently China's been coming out with some pretty decent imitation phones that'll work with GSM networks in the States.

    One of them, the M88 Quad band phone. See, in the past, MP4 phones just didnt have much quality to them, but in recent times, there's been much improvement. And at USD $240-$250.00, you can get yourself a pretty decent 3.2in QVGA touch screen smart phone featuring windows mobile 6.0, bluetooth, wide range of media formats, wi-fi 802.11 b/g, stereo bluetooth, 2.0 megapixel camera, expandable memory slots up to 8 GB and so on.

    Best of all, it'll work immediately w/ your current network without the hassel of you getting a monthly data plan.

    sources: actfind dot com M88 Quadband Phone

    So. would you or wouldn't you.

    iPhone vs. "Hiphone"

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    Re: iPhone vs. Hiphone (Your Rolex vs. Folex)

    As i know that the Hiphone is made in china,for the chinese name is "shanzhai phone,it seems so like for iphone...lol
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