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    There's a new application, called 5-Row QWERTY keyboard, that adds a fifth row with numbers on top of the rest of the QWERTY keyboard. This app condensed the other keys and leaves room for the numbers... All you have to do is press the SHIFT key and the numbers change to the symbol.
    If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can go to Cydia and search for "5-Row QWERTY keyboard" and just go from there.

    via: IPhone Apps: 5-Row QWERTY Jailbreak App Fixes One of the iPhone Keyboard's Most Annoying Flaws

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    Re: 5 Row QWERTY jailbreak app on iPhone

    doesn't seem too useful...

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    Re: 5 Row QWERTY jailbreak app on iPhone

    Useful, my only beef is that the buttons get more closely packed and smaller, i sometimes have problems with the touch screen but then again i've only played with iphones and itouches and don't yet own one to master the touch. Regardless, sounds practical, I don't like having to search for the numbers and the flipping and switching.

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