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    There's an online service called,Parkingticket.com, that will let iPhone users contest a parking ticket using the Safari web browser. People can now fight back against predatory ticketing, by using their iPhone and iPhone camera.

    If you find a ticket on your vehicle, act immediately by using your iPhone and going to parkingticket.com navigating the iPhone's Safari browser. Register for a free account and pick the city the ticket was issued in. Enter the ticket and vehicle details and answer some questions. This all takes about 10 minutes.. It's suggested you take several pictures that may include: signs and street names of where the ticket was issued.

    A guaranteed dismissal letter can be obtained by posting 50% of the fine at the onset of process. If parkingticket is unsuccessful in winning your case, parkingticket.com will refund posted amount as well as $10.00 for trying... If successful, parkingticket.com keeps the posted amount and if your ticket is reduced, parkingticket.com keeps half the amount and refunds the balance.

    via: About.com: http://www.cellphonedigest.net

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    Re: Parkingticket.com for iPhone

    this is now my new favorite website.

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    Re: Parkingticket.com for iPhone

    Seems too good to be true??
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    Re: Parkingticket.com for iPhone

    It's nice.

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    Re: Parkingticket.com for iPhone

    Wow... This looks cool, Now lets hope I dont have to use it haha

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