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    iBone, the "Pocket Trombone or iPhone and iPod Touch, was recently launched by a company named Spoonjack. iBone app allows iPhone users to play-a-long with music from their iTunes library, and also with songs from the iBone Songbook.

    IBone works like this:

    1. First, you can touch the display or blow into the microphone to make a
    2. Slide your fingers across to change the pitch.
    3. Then you can lower or/and raise the bell to change the volume.

    In the iBone Songbook you get a series of traditional and classical songs sucha as Air with Guitar, Aura Lee with Piano, Greensleeves with Accordion, and Ride of the Valkyries with Orchestra.

    the price of the app will run you $2.99

    via: iBone is a pocket trombone for iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Re: iBone for iPhone

    hmmmm..that's nice...im curios with the actual sound..hehehe..i should have that sooner...!hahaha

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    Re: iBone for iPhone

    This instrument makes a lot of sense for a touch screen interface.

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    Re: iBone for iPhone

    The ibone really looks nice,i will try 2 have it too.

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    Re: iBone for iPhone

    it will look like you're playing a flat harmonica! but it shold be nice... it's definitely an eye catcher, when people sees you playing that, it's either they will think "what a weird instrument he got there" or "i never knew there was a such design for harmonica" ^_^

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    Re: iBone for iPhone

    Whoa! That was cool! I'm gonna look for it. Thanks for sharing this.

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