For all you iPhone users out there, Starting at 9 A.M. PST today, will begin giving away promo codes for dozens of applications, each worth anywhere from 99 cents up to $30 bucks. They will be giving away one application or package of applications at a time and when they run out of codes for that prize, they will switch to the next one. No one will know what they will be giving away, so you need to keep checking the website throughout the day.

In order to win, you need to check the site, as mentioned above. The contest can range from a simple comment to a trivia question and will change anytime during the day.

You must be a US resident due to the way the iTunes AppStore promo codes work.

You can win more than once, but it would be nice to give everyone a chance. It MobileCrunch sees that someone is winning many times, they will more than likely set a cap for wins.

Note: I noticed the site has time for the giveaway on Friday (4/16/09) but Friday is actually the 17th.

via: iPhone App Giveaway Spree: Hundreds of Promo codes. Here. Tomorrow.

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