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    is there an app to block numbers form telemarketing or does anyone know of a solution to get rid of telemarketers.

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    Re: Blocking telemarketers app

    hey! i used to be a TM... i think if there is such application, you'll gonna have to program the number one by one.. for example in our company before, we are about 50 TMs... blocking one isn't enough.. because others will still call you.. so you have to block that one again, and so on and so forth.

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    Re: Blocking telemarketers app

    No app...nor will there ever be.

    Some carriers, like Verizon, allow you to block specific numbers...which can be a hassle when dealing with Telemarketers.

    You can register for the Do Not Call Registry (DOCR)...this is available to do online or over the phone:

    DO NOT CALL Registry
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    Re: Blocking telemarketers app

    The Donotcall.gov site looks interisting i am gonna try it out and thanks for the info nicknrm

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