mAdvNote for iPhone is a multi-functional note app, belonging to the category of Productivity. It is developed by Mcleaner Team, a very professional team dedicated to iphone apps.

What's the difference compared with similar products? Here it is: it supports photo,voice and sketching besides text notes.It enables you to take notes quickly and easily depending on your current need and then store them in iPhone. What's more important, you can insert pictures to a note or just add text description after you take a photo, like what we do with microsoft word. The note and the picture is as a whole but not two seperate parts. It's really a major breakthrough. And you can move up or down the picture and the text.

What can you do with mAdvNote?

—Write text notes
—Record voice messages
—Sketch your ideas with a finger
—Take photos with comments instantly
—Various ways of taking note. You can make a note with text and graphics integrated,such as text+photo,text+record+skeching,sketching+photo+record+text,etc.
—The order of text/photo/record/skecthing can be changed randomly
—Share the information stored within your notes by email
—Find notes instantly with search,and sort by tag or date features

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