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    I've searched around the web for a while,and keep getting mixed results.One person says she pays $24 a month,some say $30, and most say $60...
    My last phone was an adaptation to a GoPhone,$20 for 3 months.And I never used it all up.60 dollars a month is a big change from 20 for 3 months.What is the cheapest plan for an iPhone?
    Thanks :D

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    Re: What is the cheapest iPhone plan?

    The cheapest I have found is $39/month for the lowest minutes (550 minutes) voice plan plus $30/month for the mandatory unlimited data plan.

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    Re: What is the cheapest iPhone plan?

    $70 is the cheapest plan, especially if you don't need/want a text messaging plan. It's $40 for voice (550 daytime minutes + 5000 nights/weekends and unlimited mobile-to-mobile) and $30 for unlimited data. AT&T doesn't have a cheaper voice plan and the data plan is required.

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