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    Family pictures and postcards sent to your friends, families and co-workers can be done by Amazing Mail, an on demand company right from your iPhone. These are real cards and real pictures, not just by sending by SMS.

    There are two iPhone apps, Postino, which is free and PicCard, which is .99 that Amazing Mail has incorporated into it's service that allows you to print real time cards on high quality paper and send them anywhere.

    The price to send these real copies, depending to where you are sending them to, range from $.99 to $1.99.
    With the app Postino, you can take the picture with your iPhone, choose a frame, add a message to the picture and enter the recipients address. If you like, you can also send by email if you don't want to pay for the actual physical service.

    via: AmazingMail’s Web-to-Print Engine for iPhone

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