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    According to TechCrunch, Apple has decided to block all Google Voice iPhone applications from its App Store, which means any third-party Voice-compatible apps and Google's official Voice application. Apple reported that they did not approve Google's Voice app, and applications that have already been approved that are related in any way, are being taking down from the online storefront.

    There's been some speculation that AT&T had something to do with the decision, but apparently Apple must have had some concerns considering the cooperation Apple had.

    Google Voice developer, Sean Kovacs, came out and said that the application was officially approved by Phil Schiller, Apple's VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, back in April.

    via: Apple Is Growing Rotten To The Core: Official Google Voice App Blocked From App Store

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    Re: Apple blocking Google Voice iPhone apps

    I think AT&T had a big hand in this... but apples app store does love to censor its apps even with the new parental controls
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