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    Which one will you choose?

    See More: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

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    Re: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

    I am personally a Crackberry Addict. Not sold on the touch screen thing.

    The apps on both the iPhone and Palm Pre (with ability to access the Apple App Store) exceed that of Blackberry right now, but Blackberry App World was just launched this year and millions among millions of people use Blackberry's so that number can only increase.

    I long Blackberry....

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    Re: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

    THe iphone would win in my book

    Its sleek ad powerful

    Great for social networking and Surfing the web
    WANT to GET out OF your TMOBILE contracts

    IM me pspconnect09

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    Re: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

    well, I will choose Blackberry Tour that is a business smart phone with a big screen. Iam owning this sweet from accessorygeeks. This have world-roaming capabilities, you can connect, browse, stream, download and more on global networks with 3G reliability.Having voice dialing, conference calling and a built-in speakerphone, it can travel along with you to most of the world on 3G networks.

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    Re: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

    iPhone 3GS FTW.

    It's beautiful, works seamlessly, and has an App store with an App for anything in the world you'd like to do (seriously!). Obviously its keyboard is a minus for some, but I didn't find it to be too bad after a few months of usage (I was definitely as fast as most BBM folks). Unfortunately, it's pricey as all hell, but the 3GS games and runs so well, I think it's worth the extra cost.

    In a year, when the Palm/Android/BlackBerry Store finally show what they're made of, it could be a different story. Today? The iPhone.

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    Re: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3.0 vs Blackberry

    Definitely the Pre. I don't care too much for the iPhone touchscreen keyboard, and while I like the Blackberries, the Pre is just head and shoulders better in my opinion.

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