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    Although Tom Tom is not the first or only app out there to give navigation, it is from Tom Tom, the popular navigation system. iTunes App Store is now loaded with region specific TomTom apps for NZ ($95), Australia ($80), US and Canada ($100), and Western Europe ($140). It is expensive, but considering Tom Toms you buy from any store, it's still a little cheaper. Only one thing that may be a negative is that it does not include the TomTom iPhone car kit with bundled mapping software which runs around $194, which mounts and charges your iPhone 3G or 3GS while enhancing its GPS performance, speaker, and microphone. One user reported that when a call comes in, the GPS turns off, but immediately restarts once the call is finished.

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    Re: Tom Tom app for iPhone

    Can't wait for the app to be cracked so I can get it... =x

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    Re: Tom Tom app for iPhone

    wow great!!!

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