Hi All,

I searched for something that matched up with my question, but I haven't found anything that really addresses this. I'm new to the iPhone and I've, at least for the moment, opted for a 20$ SMS plan. What I'm finding is that there isn't any reason for this, but I'm sure I'm missing something. It appears that for a one time $5.99 fee, I can use the offer from Pinger to text unlimited for free.

Obviously, AT&T isn't going to tell me why this isn't a good idea as I'm sure they are mum on the issue. Also, I'm sure Pinger isn't going to tell me where the holes are in this offer.

What I'm hoping the shared experience of the group can offer is the following:

1. Why should I pay for an SMS pan over a small on time fee via another app using my data plan?

2. What issues if any, should I be aware of if I opt to cancel my SMS 20$ fee when moving over to the text app for a one time charge of 5.99 (Pinger).

3. Can anyone tell me why I either should cancel my SMS or should not cancel my SMS through AT&T?

4. Any advice at all before I take this step is tremendously welcomed.


New to iPhone

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