why people likes iphone so much?
Now, many friends like iPhone cellphones very much. And many friends of mine have bought some. Everytime I saw them, they will say to me like this" Look, myluxphone, very good." Every time i meet, they all say to me like this. "look, myluxphone, very good." Sometimes, I will learn them to say that "Look, myluxphone, but, very bad." Everytime i say like this, they will shout at me. I can't understand why. In my mind, Nokia is the best brand for mobile phones. If I were the customers, I will choose Nokia cell phone instead of Iphone even if its price is higher. I searched the reason in the Google, there're some reasons about that why people like Iphone more.
First of all, because it's made by apple. And with the regards with the battery, it's a rechargable and lasts quite some time, when they do need to be replaced they are sent back to Apple, or maybe in store.
Secondly, the desgin of Iphone mobile phones is very unique. For example, all Iphone cell phones are very tiny and small.
Finally, many people like the color of Iphone, very pure, black, pink, and white.
To sum up, everyone has his onw idea. We should respect their own choice. But, i also like my Nokia mobile phones.

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