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    Who didn't like to play marbles when we were younger. All the bright colorful glass marbles that we collected and played with kept any kid busy. Well now there is an iPhone game that lets you go back to your childhood with the marble playing.

    Play Marbles, a Darkside Entertainment game, offers 5 different marble games that's played in 5 different environments and you have the choice to either play with friends via bluetooth or same device or you can just play alone.

    To control the schemes, tilt the iPhone to roll around your shooter, use the onscreen camto aim and then slide on the screen to shoot. How fast and how you flick depends on the power of the shots.
    Price of the app is $1.99

    via: Play Marbles: An iPhone game to recall your childhood memories | iPhone applications, Games, Reviews, Tips and News updated daily. | iPhone Footprint

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