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    If you've felt like yelling and screaming at someone but can't get the courage up to do it face to face, then the Throat Detonator game will let you do just that. Pick your enemy and destroy the living tar out of him just by rubbing the screen with your finger. How easy is that?

    Throat Detonator has great cartoon like graphics and allows us the chance to become heroes by saving the world from enemies.

    Your throat and fingers are your weapons. Use them. In order to destroy certain enemies, you must reach the desired frequency (a panel shown on bottom of the screen displays the range).

    Final Chapter is the big enemy boss himself that you must face.

    Price is only $1.99 for the full version but you can grab the free version.

    via: Throat Detonator is filled with fun and action; iPhone application review | iPhone applications, Games, Reviews, Tips and News updated daily. | iPhone Footprint

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