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    You could probably find tons of puzzle games in the AppStore, but this one is pretty neat and different. Object of this game, Wriggle, is to free the blue worm. Not as easy as it sounds or looks. You have to drag the blue worm by its head or tail and each drag, not how many boxes we move into it, counts as one move. You have to make as few moves as possible. At least the puzzle lets you know how many moves are involved and needed to solve the puzzle. If you can solve it in the allowed moves, you get a gold medal.. If you don't, a silver medal is awarded. But, there are other worms you have to deal with when you try to free the blue worm.

    80 puzzles and 4 difficulty modes are in this puzzle game and once you have successfully solved 50 percent of the current mode's puzzles, the next higher difficulty puzzle is unlocked. There is no time limit on the game.

    price of the app is .99

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